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Caretailing Training Program

Go beyond upselling. Combine the retail experience your customers want, with the care they deserve.

Caretailing is defined as: 'The act of providing customer service and expertise to consumers willing to pay cash for health-related products that improve their lives and are beyond the usual scope of Medicare and other third party payers.'

Caretailing is an experience. It’s a relationship. It’s a philosophy about customer care that, when taught and applied in the right ways, can become the core of who you are as a business, retailer and a provider.

Becoming a Caretailer means providing exceptional customer service. It means building real relationships that create loyal, returning customers. And it means more sales and more revenue for your business.

VGM Retail’s Caretailing training program is a one-day, in-store training program designed to take your entire staff on a journey from start to finish of what it means to become a Caretailer.


The Caretailing Training Program consists of eleven, hands-on, interactive Caretailing Modules:

  1.  The state of our industry related to sales
  2. Permission to sell in the healthcare industry
  3. What great sellers are doing – Cell phones, mattresses, cars, makeup and more.
  4. Making a great salesperson
  5. Creating the customer experience
  6. Open ended questions
  7. Overcoming objections
  8. Selling the best to customers who want the best
  9. Complimentary selling
  10. Closing the sale
  11. The second order – Getting the customer to return

To learn more about our Caretailing Training Program and how to schedule a training session in your store, contact the VGM Retail team today at 855.285.3300 or [email protected].

Learn Caretailing. Embrace Caretailing. Be Caretailing.