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Our Vendor partners help us to not only create and stock your new retail space, but also to help you provide the highest quality care and equipment possible. Learn more about these suppliers and manufacturers by clicking on their logos.


    Bettering lives for 20+ years, BioSkin will enable your customers to maximize what their bodies can do. They consider every feature to ensure their bracing, support and compression products are the highest quality with extreme comfort and functionality benefits.
    Why Bioskin?
           - Superior Orthopedic Bracing
           - Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Benefits
           - High-Profit Margins
           - Free Shipping on Opening Orders


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    Toll Free:800-541-2455


    With a motto of “Feel Better, Heal Better”, CastCoverz!™ is the leading global manufacturer, e-tailer, and innovator of designer orthopedic soft goods (brace, splint, boot, and cast covers), patient-requested orthopedic gear, and orthopedic accessories (crutches, CrutchWear®, ChairWear®, WalkerWear®, EvenUp, and waterproof products). 
    With designer slings, walker bags, crutch accessories, and cast covers, CastCoverz! products keep casts, braces and splints clean and prevent snagging and scratching.  CastCoverz!’s broad line of products extend to weatherproofing orthopedic walking boots and leg and hand casts, comfort and waterproof products, too.

    Toll Free:800-227-8268


    Comfor Tek Seating is currently in its 15th year of operations.  What began with a single poly stack chair has grown into an organization with as many as 10 different chair models supporting a network of dealers that extends throughout North America.  We currently are receiving contacts from the Caribbean, SE Asia, and Central America.
    ComforTek manufactures chairs for REHAB / ASSISTED LIVING / HOMECARE applications.


    Contour Produces is celebrating 25 years of innovation! Since the introduction of our first product in 1991, Contour Products has emerged as an innovative leader in the sleep, comfort and support industry.  Contour continues to introduce solutions-based products helping to solve specific sleep, comfort and support solutions that meet the everyday needs of people of all ages.

    We believe being comfortable isn’t just an indulgence, it’s a necessity to obtaining quality sleep and maintaining good health. We partner with physicians, chiropractors, sleep experts as well as use customer feedback to develop the best possible products for the marketplace.  Our products help to properly align the body for better rest at night and comfort during the day, for improved and overall well being. Contour Products is happy to partner with you to offer those products to your customers. We are confident that they will satisfy your customer’s needs and will keep them coming back for more. 


    Convexity Scientific, the maker of Flyp, takes a consumer-first approach to design, manufacture and distribute health and wellness products. Their product, Flyp is a simple to use portable-pocket nebulizer.
      Features include: 
           - ALL-IN-ONE Device, with no masks, tubes, or              assembly
           - Condenses treatment time to an average of 7              minutes
           - Simple design with unrivalled product quality


    Click here to learn more about Convexity Scientific, their product, Flyp and your VGM member discount.


    As a family-owned and -operated company, Golden Technologies is proud to be the world’s leading manufacturer of luxurious lift and recline chairs. We take great satisfaction in the superb craftsmanship and lasting durability of all of our growing lines of Lift Chairs, Power Wheelchairs and Scooters. We use only the highest quality components to give you the ultimate in comfort, convenience and style — with minimum maintenance.

    Through the VGM / Golden strategic alliance VGM Group Members will profit from programs focused on maximizing members retail sales, extended and exclusive support on business process modeling for retail such as custom and unique free marketing tools, including tagged advertisements.  Members benefits also include education and hands on training for bundling sales, GMROI, revenue per square foot, increasing daily customer traffic and cost per sales.  All of this comes direct to you in an effort to increase the average ticket selling price making your business more profitable.  As a member you will be able to take advantage of a nation-wide training tour extravaganza – the joining of efforts between Golden Technologies’ branding success and VGM’s lucrative merchandising models.

    Toll Free:800-624-6374


    GRIP products keep items, objects, and even hands or feet in place during movement and at angles. The patented non-slip material used in GRIP products is not sticky or tacky, making them tactile friendly and comfortable to use. The non-tacky surface doesn’t attract dust or dirt, which preserves the non-slip properties longer than similar materials on the market. GRIP’s full line of mobility and ADL solutions are the perfect addition to any showroom to increase your cash sales and enhance the value of your core products.
    With the collection of products that GRIP Solutions offers, you’ll have even more tools to solve unique customer issues that you’re challenged with on a daily basis. Many of the products were designed to be multi-functional to appeal to a wide range of customers and work in numerous applications during someone’s daily activities. Additionally, the products are ready to use right out of the package and are easy to clean and maintain. The GRIP Solutions product line is a natural complement to many standard items such as wheelchairs, rollators and lift chairs making them perfect accessory items or stand-alone ADL products.

    Toll Free:800-401-1074


    Sit back and relax because Human Touch is the leading provider of high-quality, innovative lifestyle products, massage chairs and experiences that deliver indispensable, life-changing benefits to an ever-growing number of customers. For 35+ years, they have been helping people eliminate their pain and muscle tension through their state-of-the-art massage products and patented technologies.


    Phone: 800-760-2225

  • JANE, INC.

    Specializing in carefully compounded artisanal products for the body, Jane Inc. provides an element of TLC into product categories like daily health and wellness. 
    Product line includes: 
           - Bath Saltzers          - Bath Cubes
           - Bath Tonics            - Pharmacie Soaks
           - Sleep Masks           - Essential Oil Mists
           - Face Mists              - Pharmacie Fizzies


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    Incrediwear produces wearable anti-inflammatories that are scientifically proven to increase circulation; resulting in reduced inflammation, pain relief, and accelerated recovery. Through studies conducted with renowned physicians, we continue to show that Incrediwear products show powerful results in alleviating symptoms related to a wide variety of injuries and conditions. Our products are being used by professional athletes, athletic trainers, podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, and everyday people to enable their ability to lead the life they want, stretch beyond their limits, and live incredibly in everything they do.


    KC Store Fixtures is the leading supplier of store display fixtures, retail supplies and POP items for retail outlets. We provide store display fixtures consisting of display cases, apparel fixtures, slatwall, gridwall, hangers, shopping bags, jewelry displays, mannequins and any other store fixture need. We offer customization in various materials such as wire, metal, wood, glass and acrylic.  Give us a concept and we can design and prototype your idea.  At KC Store Fixtures, we want to be your one stop store fixture supplier.

    Toll Free:1-800-832-0899

  • KT TAPE®

    KT Health (dba KT TAPE®), the category leader in sports medicine taping products, provides pain relief solutions and support for hundreds of common sports-related injuries.  Used by professional athletes, Olympians, and every day athletes, KT TAPE® products have been adopted in nearly every sport.  Following the 2008 Beijing Olympics, KT TAPE experienced accelerated success as its products became widely available in retail and clinical channels.  This commercial success continues to grow as products are sold in nearly 30,000 retail locations in the U.S. and in over 40 countries worldwide.  

    KT TAPE elastic sports tape is designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support.  Whether you’re training for your first marathon, getting ready for your next game, reaching a personal fitness goal, or just trying to get through the day, you already know that nothing slows you down faster than pain and injury. KT TAPE elastic sports tape is lightweight, water resistant, comfortable to wear, and can be used for hundreds of common injuries such as lower back pain, knee pain, shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow, just to name a few.

    KT TAPE is the official kinesiology tape licensee of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams and the official sponsor of U.S.A. Track & Field and U.S. Soccer.

    Toll Free:801-494-6240


    Lightspeed is the most powerful cloud-based point of sale and eCommerce solution for retail stores.  50,000 businesses, processing over US $15 billion in transactions annually, use Lightspeed to grow and manage their business in-store and online. Founded in 2005, Lightspeed has grown to nearly 600 employees, with global offices in Canada, USA, Europe, and Australia.
    Product overview:
    • Manage your inventory, customer information, employees and sales data from one user-friendly platform
    • Sell in-store and online with Lightspeed’s fully integrated eCommerce solution 
    • Receive free onboarding, setup and training, with 24/7 phone, email and chat support
    • Reduce checkout time with integrated hardware - receipt printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners for iPad and desktop 
    • Be fully EMV compliant and accept all major credit cards with integrated payment processing with Vantiv Payments

    Toll Free:866-932-1801 ext 1

  • MuscleMx

    Muscle MX carries two CBD pain topicals: Activate and Recovery. These products enhance muscle performance and treat pain, soreness, and inflammation safely and effectively. The topicals are 100% natural and contain full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) oil. No THC is in these products.
    Providers looking to carry CBD-related products, VGM Retail strongly advises to check in with local/state regulations, as well as creditors before carrying CBD-based products.

  • Nature's Root

    Nature’s Root offers product lines of organically grown, processed, and manufactured Body Care and Therapeutic (CBD-based) products. Our blends offer the restorative capacities of the hemp plant. From lotions and balms to hemp oils and tinctures, we ensure a clean, organic, intuitive product that target one’s physical afflictions in a gentle yet powerful way. 
    Providers looking to carry CBD-related products, VGM Retail strongly advises to check in with local/state regulations, as well as creditors before carrying CBD-based products.

    Phone: 720-600-6948


    Nufoot and Nupouch specialize in trendy and high-tech neoprene accessories. They combine fashion with neoprene and highlight the strengths of neoprene to reinvent and reinforce their products.  Nufoot is skid-resistant, germ-resistant, better protecting your feet than ordinary patient socks. NuPouch is shock absorbent, water resistant and makes better medicine management case by protecting delicate instruments and meds.
    Patient socks have never looked this good! Nufoot is the most protective and comfortable footwear a patient has ever experienced. Made with the latest sports technology, with anti-microbial treated neoprene, Nufoot protects your feet like a second layer of skin. The skid-resistant soles give you confident strides while the 4-way stretch neoprene conforms to the unique shape and size of your feet. Nufoot can be worn at home, office, hospitals, yoga, airplanes and hotels. It is the most faithful companion to your feet!  Wholesale cost is $5.5/pair, and the suggested retail price is $9.99/pair.

    Toll Free:925-743-9831


    After inventing the #1 sports bracing product in running shops across the US, (aka the FS6 Performance Foot Sleeve), Orthosleeve by ING Source Inc., IGNITED their brand popularity in the realms of bracing and support products!

    Why the popularity? 

    -  Compression Zone Technology®
    -  Pain relief for chronic conditions related to:
                - Foot, Ankle, Knee, Wrist,                                              Elbow, Arm, Leg & More!

    -  Medical Grade Products & FDA Registered

    Watch OrthoSleeve Introductory Video Here!


    Touch, feel & try Orthosleeve today! Contact Sabina Hardy for a FREE SAMPLE.

    Phone: 828.855.0481


    Paraffin International Inc.,  is redefining the future of paraffin wax treatments with Parasilk® paraffin products and delivery systems for medical, spa and massage professionals, and direct to consumer at home spa treatments.  

    Their product gLOVE Treat® heats in minutes, is completely self-contained and disposable to reduce cross-contamination.



    Pharm Spec was established in 1993 by Jerry Shorb. The company was founded with the focus of providing simple, safe, and affordable retail solutions to independent  pharmacies in the Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio area. These solutions offered unique and meaningful items to the end user. In 1996 Pharm Spec established international partners and began importing a wide variety of colorful walking canes. The line of walking canes and accessories has expanded to today’s current product mix. In 2006 Pharm Spec partnered with several universities to develop a line of collegiate  licensed walking canes. The College Canes offer a unique gift option to any loyal fan. In 2014 Pharm Spec establishes production for all College Canes and Mil-Spec Canes in U.S.A. Our responsible supply chain goes a step further by incorporating veterans causes with the VA and Fisher House.  The new production offers handcrafted walking canes that are made right here in Michigan.
    If you purchased a College Cane or Mil-Spec Cane you can feel great about your purchase. Not only are you the owner of a stylish cane that helps you stay active but you are also creating jobs, helping veterans, and improving the environment. Pharm Spec is committed to using local suppliers and make sure that our premium canes are made responsibly.
    Assembled at the VA’s Compensated Work Therapy facility in Battle Creek Michigan. The program enables veterans with both physical and mental disabilities to recover and regain independence, self-esteem and stability. This is an opportunity for veterans committed to making a new start. 
    Compensated Work Therapy provides high quality employees in an ISO certified facility.

    Toll Free:800-728-9124


    Let the ingredients do the talking! With RXBAR®, what you see is what you eat. Egg whites for protein. Dates to bind. Nuts for texture. Core ingredients are all there for a reason.

    RXBAR Benefits: 
    High protein, clean label ingredients
    Recommended by registered dietitians
    Paleo & Whole30 compliant
    No gluten. No soy. No dairy.

    There is a reason RXBAR is the fastest growing protein bar in the U.S!


    Give your customers the taste of RXBAR, click here to view your VGM member discount. 

    Chicago, IL,
    Phone: 312.548.1060


    For Over 40 years Sonic Alert® has been providing specialized hearing solutions to meet the needs of the hearing impaired and hard to wake communities. We providean outstanding value to our customers by offering affordable solutions that are reliable and easy to use.

    Today There are more than 360 million people with a disabling hearing loss, including 32 million children and one-third of people over 65 years of age.

    Products Include: Amplified Phones, Home Alerting, Listening Devices, Signaling Devices, Alarm Clocks and more. 

    Toll Free:248-577-5400


    A pioneer in sleep sound therapy systems, Sound Oasis® works to help every consumer sleep better, feel better, live better.®
    Their offerings include:
       - Sound Machines
           - Sleep Masks
           - Baby Oasis
           - Tinnitus


    Click here to help your customers catch up on some Zzzzs!

    Toll Free:866-625-3218


    As a mom and pop operation, Sun Day Greetings has been creating beautifully crafted greeting cards for 14 years. Offering two lines of greeting cards for every occasion, Sun Day Greetings combines bright imagery with clever sayings ranging from fresh & funny to touching & sweet. Their designs feature photography, as well as colorful hand drawn illustrations.  
    Their products include:
           - Beautifully crafted cards
           - Boxed note cards
           - Gift enclosure cards
           - Magnets
           - Moveable stickers


    LIMITED TIME PROMO FOR VGM MEMBERS HAPPENING NOW UNTIL DEC. 31! Contact Sun Day Greetings TODAY w/ your VGM number and the promo code SUNDAY15 to learn more & redeem!  

    Phone: 800-939-1103
    Fax: 413-253-0877


    Topical BioMedics is a research and development leader in topical patented natural biomedicines for pain relief. The company’s flagship product, Topricin® Pain Relief and Healing Cream, was introduced in 1994 and is now a leading natural therapeutic brand. Instead of masking pain symptoms like topical analgesics do, Topricin’s healing technology treats pain at the cellular level assisting the body’s desire to heal the damage causing the pain. Topricin is patented combination biomedicines formula, and has been awarded additional patents for the treatment of pain associated with fibromyalgia and neuropathy.  A significant benefit of this healing technology is treating the cause of pain and reducing or eliminating dependency for all oral pain medication.

    Toll Free:800-959-1007 Ext: 1115


    As retailing becomes a great focus for the DME/HME marketplace, finding innovative and progressive retail products can be a daunting task.  We at Vionic are here to provide you with innovation and freshness for your retail space.  Welcome to Vionic and Vasyli Medical! The first of its kind to bring trusted technology and style into one transformative solution, Vionic footwear/orthotics offers innovative, podiatrist-designed support built seamlessly into contemporary and modern classics, constructed in premium materials and essential silhouettes. This innovative orthotic technology is based on more than 30 years of podiatric success and raving customer satisfaction.