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Retail Roadshow Materials

Thank you for attending our Retail Roadshow!

We hope that you enjoyed your experience at the Roadshow and at the Heartland Conference. We hope we were able to provide you with the necessary tools to help bring your retail business to its full potential. Below are links to download all of the materials available during the show.

If our team can be of further service or if you have any follow-up questions to what was presented at the Roadshow, please contact us at retailservices@vgm.com or 855-282-3300.

Materials from the day:
- Presentation
- Incremental Sales Flyer - Hospital Bed Example
- Incremental Sales Flyer -CPAP Example
- Incremental Sales Flyer - Blank Copy
- Financial Dashboard 
- Vendor Contact Information


Thank you to all of you that attended some of our other Heartland presentations. Copies of those presentations can be found below. Thank you all again for joining us in Waterloo for the Heartland Conference!

- Starting a Store From Scratch: An All Cash Store Case Study
- Inventory Management: Digging Deep to Fill Inventory Holes
- Marketing Strategies: Re-invent, Re-energize, Re-engage