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The Six Fundamentals of Retail Science:

  1. Business Analysis
  2. Financial Projection
  3. Marketing
  4. Store Experience and Design
  5. Products
  6. Operations

Whether you need assistance with one or with multiple, these fundamentals can be combined to create a customized solution to cater to your store-specific needs.

Business Analysis

An on-site visit to your store location will be conducted to assess your current retail strategy and long-term execution of the fundamentals of retail health care. This includes:

  • On-site analysis of overall business operations
  • Identify areas of strength and potential weakness
  • Identify solutions to continue growth and profit

Financial Analysis and Projection

  • Financial dashboard for long-term store performance
  • Projected retail patient purchases and average ticket
  • Projected necessary transactions and average ticket for orgnanic growth
  • Recommended store expense categories and percentage allocation

Marketing and Advertising

  • Analysis of current marketing and advertising plan and materials
  • Recommended 18 month marketing and advertising plan, implementation process and expected outcomes
  • Identify current customer demographics and future customer opportunities
  • Design of marketing, advertising and in-store design plan materials

Store Experience and Design

  • Assessment of your current retail showroom
  • Reconfiguration of existing retail space
  • Store environment design recommendations

Product Sourcing and Merchandising

  • Detailed analysis of current product mix and potential assortment expansion options
  • Full product assortment addition recommendations including inventory management assistance
  • Product category placement and adjacencies on showroom floor
  • Store set-up assistance and merchandising training

Operations and Training

  • Source, interview and hire new retail manager
  • Create companywide organizational charts, goal tracking, work communication tools and incentive program
  • Inventory management, sales tracking and customer service and 'caretailing' training


VGM Retail's Shop-in-a-Box is a complete store package that provides you with all the tools and resources you need to open and manage a cash only health and wellness lifestyle retail concept store. This all-cash, franchise-type service model gives you all the resources to get your customers the exact care they need immediately, without having to deal with third party billing and reimbursement.

  • Exclusive to VGM Members
  • Quick, simple way to start or expand into retail
  • Stand alone or infused into existing business
  • The closest thing to a franchise model without franchising

Caretailing Training Program

VGM Retail also offers a one-day, in-store Caretailing Training Program designed to take your entire staff on a journey from start to finish of what it means to become a Caretailer. Learn more about Caretailing and our unique training program here.