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Our Services:
1) Management Services: Al La Carte

Every business is different. We have a variety of customizable services to help you grow in the core areas of your business. These services include, but are not limited to:


          - Incremental product suggestions
          - Full product category recommendations
          - Inventory management


         - Marketing planning
         - Project management

     Store Experience:

          - Store design
          - Merchandising
          - Employee training/staffing

2) Strategic Business Assessment

Our in-person assessment will guide the strategic planning and the expansion of your business. This service includes:

         - Property Assessment
         - Competitive analysis & SEO Study
         - Demographic study
         - Secret shop of local competitors
         - Current marketing plan & material analysis
         - Product selection recommendations
         - Financial planning and business projections

3) Health & Wellness Retail Store

Health and wellness is thriving in retail and consumers are willing to pay cash for the lifestyle. Under our health and wellness all-cash model, eliminate the headache of insurance. This service includes:

         - Current business assessment
         - Location selection
         - Branding and identity development
         - Financial planning
         - Store experience & space planning
         - Product assortment selection
         - Marketing planning
         - Staff hiring and training
         - Ongoing support in marketing, product and store experience

4) Hospital Gift Shop Management

A hospital gift shop is more than a flood of jewelry and candles; its an oasis.  For patients, the gift shop is a nook built to inspire and refresh a spirit. For employees,its a spot to take a break and see a product selection not offered anywhere else.  As a visitor, its a chance to snag the perfect memento to make a loved one smile. For those who enter, the gift shop experience should be so remarkably liberating that it strengthens a hospital’s brand.

Click here for more information about our hospital gift shop management service.