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VGM Retail's Brick by Brick: Retail Learning Workshop is coming
to a city near you!

The most successful, profitable retail operations excel in three core areas - product, experience, and marketing. These three components or “bricks” create the retail process and the framework for our Retail Learning Workshops.


During the workshops, you’ll navigate through the three core areas to strategize and create a customized blue print for your retail success. You’ll leave the workshop with your own workbook and action items to take home and implement to improve and grow your business.


Dates and Locations

March 20 - Ann Arbor, MI
April 17 - Philadelphia, PA
May 1 - Tampa, FL
May 16 - Portsmouth, NH
June 5 - Vancouver, WA

July 17 - Cincinnati, OH
August 7 - Minneapolis, MN
September 5 - Charlotte, NC
September 20 - San Antonio, TX
October 9 - Peoria, IL

VGM Members


Attendees will receive a $200 product credit from the event vendor sponsors ($50 for each vendor).

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